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            Beijing Minhe Electric Co., Ltd, who is the exclusive distributor in China, authorized by TOMOE Valve Co., Ltd, takes charge of providing TOMOE butterfly valves and after services relatively, and other business affairs of TOMOE Valve Co., Ltd in China at the same time.
          Beijing Minhe Electric Co., Ltd, found in November 1997, is a specialized company with prolific design experiences in industrial automation control system project. We have a high-qualified professional team. Through more than ten year’s unremitting effort, we have got success in providing high quality products in many significant projects and service for the customers all over China. TOMOE Valve have been widely used in Petroleum、Chemical industry、Light industry、Electron、Metallurgy、Air separating、HVAC、Water treatment、Medicine、Cement、Fire protection、Shipbuilding, etc.
          Beijing Minhe Electric Co., Ltd, as repairing service center of TOMOE butterfly valves, authorized by TOMOE Valve Co., Ltd, has past through the examination and got the certificate of approval issued by TOMOE Valve Co., Ltd, after professional training courses.Our warehouse is set up in Beijing Yayun Cun district, with 800㎡ area and than 9000 PCS of valve stock.. Your requirement is power of our developing forever.
          Bejing Minhe Electric Co.,Ltd Copyright
          Telephone:86-10-64838529  64838530  64838531  Fax:86-10-64861709